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My Story

While creating art from Japanese Washi paper since the late 70's and, having a strong following in the Architect and Interior Design Community.

Jan decided to follow her philosophy that, "All great Designs have art as an essential element".

Having Jan's custom rug Company as a Partner for your Design,

 creates limitless possibilities!

JCRC is proud to introduce our Art Director

Katja(Kat) Schroeder

 Milwaukee's Katja Schröder- Non-Binary artist, Kat’s work has the quintessential depth of soul and purpose portraying the emerging youthful Euro/US Urban art scene.  

Contact Kat for all 'Floor Art' inquiries.

 Kat has the eye for fine art and, the insight and acumen to guide the smooth transformation from your art to New Zealand wool!


Our rug expert Patrick

In Jan's Husband Patrick's previous life, Pat sold contract  Interior Design and flooring. 

That's when he met his friend Alex.  Who's family had a very high end rug sales business with, repair and cleaning .  

One day, Alex told Pat to "go stand on that rug over there".  When he did, Alex asked, "Where do you think it came from"?   

He told Pat, "The Oval Office"!  

The White House would send their rugs to Alex to clean and repair them!

From that day on, Pat learned all he could from Alex about rugs!


Our Medium

All of the New Zealand wool and silks are prepared in a controlled environment and, delivered to the Weavers that have been producing World Class woven goods for Generations.

The New Zealand wool is a rich flat presentation while the silks have a soft luxurious 'sheen' to it.  When you rub it one way or the other it looks lighter or darker.