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My Story

While creating art from Japanese Washi paper since the late 70's and, having a strong following in the Architect and Interior Design Community.

Jan decided to follow her philosophy that, "All great Designs have art as an essential element".

Having Jan's custom rug Company as a Partner for your Design,

 creates limitless possibilities!

One of the only Women Master Weavers in rug weaving

Ifrah Ansari -Master Weaver

  Ifrah Ansari  graduated with a degree in Psychology . Carpet and Psychology is a different field altogether but it is quite helpful in understanding the perspective  and nature of the staff  and clients. In a male dominated industry Ifrah, is an amazing Roll model in how Great Women, will persevere and succeed! 

Pround Partners with Goodweave org.


"Exclusive is so Elusive"

In this time of the internet

it's nice to know the secret of how to create a one of a kind heirloom quality bespoke rug that!

No machines or Child labor are ever used in any part of your rug production!


Our Medium

All of the New Zealand wool and silks are prepared in a controlled environment and, delivered to the Weavers that have been producing World Class woven goods for Generations.

The New Zealand wool is a rich flat presentation while the silks have a soft luxurious 'sheen' to it.  When you rub it one way or the other it looks lighter or darker.