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Heirloom Custom rugs in New ZealAND wool &silk

Heirloom Quality Heirloom Quality Heirloom Quality

Welcome to Jan's Custom Rugs

Hand tufted in New Zealand wool

 and Silk.  

These sophisticated rugs are 

intended for the more discerning

 Collector that is accustom 

to the very best. 

You will appreciate the luxurious, 

deep, thick, hand tufting 

that makes these specialty rugs 

perfect for the floor

 centerpiece or wall.

Simply send us the photo 

of your choice.

 In six short weeks,

 your one of a kind 

woven art creation will arrive.

Featured Products

Hand Tufted vs. Indo- Nepali knot

Hand Tufted

 Hand Tufting creates a luxurious, deep, thick pile with an 85% design accuracy .

This style of production is very popular with our Clients.

 New Zealand wool and viscose(art silk) are the two materials used.

The Wool gives the flat strong colors and black. While the viscose creates the sophisticated 'sheen' on our pieces.

On the Automobilia you will notice the sheen to be reminiscent of the soft aura of a fine Carnauba!

 Each one always garners the "Oh Wow" exclamation!

If you were to pay per pound(which you don't) it would cost a "ton" more!

 The time needed to create and ship these heirloom pieces takes aprox. 6-8 weeks.

Himalayan aka Indo-Nepali Knot

  The Himalayan knot is the desired knot for today's contemporary Designs.

With 100-150 knots per square inch and a 99% design accuracy.

A refined, sleek,sophisticated and, accurate piece of goods.

  This centuries old method of rug creation is the gold standard for producing Heirloom quality woven pieces.

 With this additional hand work involved, the production time naturally goes up as well.  

Depending on complexity of design, a good rule of thumb is 10 to 12 weeks needed.

The prices increases by double.

Contact us for current pricing and production times.

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From your photo to your Home.

Select a Design from our Internationally Renowned Artist

Our Founder and Internationally renowned Artist Jan Sullivan Fowler's Fine art is available for you to select from.  

Select one of Jan's Handmade Japanese Washi paper paintings design and, let us turn it into a heirloom quality rug or wall hanging.

Combine the painting with the rug to 'echo the aura' of the highly esoteric 'Washi' paper in your overall Design.

 Chose any painting or commission Jan to create a one of kind painting in your colors and feel.

Then combine it with your rug for a completely unique Design .

contact Jan at

Ordering Process

Select your desired size.

Next, e-mail your Photo along with a description of the vision for your piece.  such as, background as is or, replace background with a color of your choice, etc. 

We will need a color samples.

We create a CAD of your image and submit it for your approval.

"Lifestyle sustaining Business Model"

All materials needed to create your piece is prepared and delivered to the Villages that have been creating fine rugs since the 12th Century.  

 This keeps Moms and Dads from having to travel miles to make a living for the Family.

We kind of like that.

In six short weeks, your finely crafted heirloom piece of goods will arrive at your Home.